IT Support Overview

IT Support model is based on Best-in-Class Managed Elemental-System’s IT Services.
We are a turn-key, scalable, and highly capable IT department for your company.
Our team provides a complete solution for the technology needs and goals of your business.

At Elemental-Systems we pride ourselves on consistently delivering exceptional IT support to our clients. Our team has earned our clients’ trust because we make our work transparent, provide access to our systems, answer the phone when they call, and follow through on every task and project.

Our enterprise-level tools and systems work like an ecosystem, automating and monitoring your IT infrastructure. We optimize and standardize the entire IT environment to make technology an asset for your organization.

Protecting data and intellectual property is at the forefront of the IT support services we provide to our clients. We align technology with your specific business needs and growth goals, exceeding industry best-practices.

Managed Network
We customize the alerting capabilities of our remote monitoring tools to centrally manage your entire network environment. Our Network Operations Team helps to increase employee productivity by providing consistent uptime.
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Managed Computers
Our tools inventory your computers, manage warranties, and monitor the health of the internal components. IT Standardization and equipment refresh is paramount in optimizing the computing capabilities of your team.
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Managed Backups
System Administrators perform complete backup restorations on a regular basis. Enterprise-level tools ensure that backups are completed and uploaded successfully every night. You receive completion reports for peace of mind
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IT Consulting
Our team keeps up with the latest technology and delivers recommendations that will address and improve your company’s processes and procedures. Users’ experience, customer interactions, and security are always considered.
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Onsite/Remote Support
Proactive, all-day onsite visits come standard with our Managed IT Services. When your team needs IT support, our local service desk team is available and ready to provide personable and professional resolution.
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Cloud Solutions
Parachute customizes and layers cloud solutions to improve data accessibility and application performance. Once Internet connectivity has been considered, the right cloud tools will increase data recovery speed and security.
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Business Continuity
We partner with you to develop the blueprint for how your business will be back up and thriving after different levels of emergencies. We document the process and procedures then we train your team on implementation.
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Reduce your technology costs by running multiple operating systems with multiple applications on the same server platform. Properly configured virtual machine improve business continuity, backups, and the ability to scale.
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Managed Software
Software serial numbers, volume licensing, updates, and upgrades are fully managed with Parachute's IT Support process and tools.
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Vendor Management
Our clients never spend time on the phone with IT vendors. We take that off their plate and get results faster with ‘backdoor’ numbers and connections that help us resolve issues and complicated configuration settings.
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IT Procurement
Our buying power and negotiation techniques lock in the best pricing and components for our clients. Equipment is shipped to our office for testing and pre-configuration, then brought to your location for implementation.
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IT Security/Compliance
Through a comprehensive risk assessment, we will review and create the security architecture your business requires. No matter the compliance, we can bring you through the process while reducing the impact on your team.
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IT Projects
Our Senior Engineers follow core principles to ensure project success and align technology with your specific business objectives. Projects are performed on time and on budget for a flat rate with zero overages or surprises.
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VoIP Solutions
By partnering with global communications companies that have a proven track record and guaranteed quality of service, we deliver a phone solution that is flexible, cost-efficient, and tailored to your business requirements.
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IT Roadmap
IT Roadmap specific to your business. This Roadmap illustrates key initiatives, timeframes, priorities, and budgets so your team can plan for the growth of your organization. Our vCIO/CTO services make technology a strategic asset for your company.
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